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Be the wise hunter of our great second hand furniture 

As a city famous for its hustle and bustle environment, housing problem is often a great concern of most Hong Kong people. Furniture, being the necessities in one's residence, often constitutes a major part of every one's shopping list. 

Purchasing new or used furniture is usually the most usual way for people to buy fixtures for their home. 
Nevertheless, there is often a biased thought on public towards the used items - people usually regard them as products in a much poorer quality or inferior condition to their new comrades. Consequently, most of the people will also mistakenly consider that the major consumers of second hand furniture are generally the one who is in poor financial background.

In fact, according to our own experience and observation, second hand furniture are mostly collected under three situations:
1. The original user of the furniture has to abandon the unsuitable furniture due to house moving
2. The original owner of the fixture has to renovate the entire house and the item is no longer fitting in the new design
3. Too many fixtures are kept at home 

Deducing from the above three reasons, it is not difficult for us to find out the main reason inciting the abandonment of used furniture is usually NOT related to the obsolescence of the goods themselves. It is generally acknowledged that, reusing second hand furniture is exactly the most direct way for us to prolong the life of these useful fixtures. Therefore, naming our firm as 'Renewable Power Second Hand Furniture', we hope that after renewing all the used items collected from our dear customers, they can continue to contribute towards their next owners. Changing the fate of second hand furniture and empowering them persisting to be the useful resources of our planet, is exactly the reason of why we set up 'Renewable Power'. 

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